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𖥸Fundamentals of Anatomy
⧽physiological course of birth
⧽Introduction to hypnobirthing
⧽Deep relaxation and breathing techniques
⧽Mindfulness training and body awareness
⧽helpful tools for the companion
⧽Birth Affirmations & Visualizations
⧽Birth preparation plan
⧽Q & A round for any further concerns
⧽Promoting confidence in the 

natural process, your own body 
and the intuition
⧽Email support until birth

covers all the content of the classic group course

individual maintenance: Hypnosis & extended therapeutic care possible

⧽1:1 coaching online + 1 home visit (Berlin & area)

The fee for the 1:1 course is 820 euros.

Due to the intensive, personal support
I only allocate 2 places per month
group course

Hypnobirthing course

    (incl. in the 1:1 course if required, can be booked in addition to group courses) 

𖥸Therapeutic support
according to C. Rogers & PEP® (process and embodiment-focused psychology)

The fee for the Ontop package (85 min.) is 55 euros.  

For whom is an additional suitable for supervision?
For all women or their companions who still have emotional topics after the hypnobirthing course that they would like to devote more deeply to. 


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